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My name is Ekaterina. Since 2015, I have been acting as an independent expert on the real estate market in Dubai and Batumi and helping to invest profitably in the real estate fund of these two countries.

  • Selection of real estate

    Contact us! I will help you find a property that meets any needs and budget! It can be both investment housing and real estate for a living. My real estate database includes apartments, cottages, land plots, commercial areas, and turnkey ready-made businesses.

  • Purchase, and sale of real estate

    I provide a full range of services for the organization of real estate transactions - from market valuation to paperwork. I will help with the sale or purchase of real estate and ensure the complete security of the transaction.

  • Repair work

    My team includes several professional construction teams that can provide services for the repair and arrangement of purchased real estate. In addition, you can always order a design project for your new property from us.

  • Trust management of the real estate

    I offer real estate trust management services, ensuring its safety and security and taking care of regular maintenance.

  • Consulting and support

    I will provide advice on all issues related to real estate, help you understand the transaction process, tell you how to properly issue documents, and protect your interests.

  • Remote presentations

    I will conduct a remote presentation for you, show real estate objects online, and answer your questions. I will help you arrange any real estate transaction remotely, without your presence.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Ekaterina, I am an independent expert in the real estate market of Batumi and Dubai since 2015. My advantage is that I HEAR you, stay in touch and consider your requests as my own. I am as much a living person as you are. My task is to help you invest in profitable real estate, realize your dream of a house, or solve the issue of citizenship in a new country for you.

I strive for results, and therefore I consider it extremely important to clearly understand your needs and tasks for the purchase of real estate so that everyone is satisfied: you with your choice, and me with the high-quality work done. My developers have been tested by time and partnership, and the facilities are selected according to the parameters of reliability, liquidity, and profitability. Your trust is priceless, so 85% of my clients come by recommendations.

Even though I work individually, my team includes a professional lawyer, notary, accountant, translator, and other specialists. One in the field is not a warrior, and I prefer long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, I invite you to cooperate!



Why is it pleasant and profitable to work with me?


With the help of constructive dialogue, I try to understand your tasks, goals and coordinate all the details of cooperation. At each stage, I will be in touch and ready to give not only professional answers to your questions but also provide information support on emigration, relocation, adaptation, employment in a new country, and other topics.

No hidden fees and

My work in both Georgia and the UAE is paid for by a real estate developer, in fact, a seller. Therefore, turning to me for professional help in the selection of real estate and legal support of the transaction, you can feel free and at ease. This is a great opportunity to save time and nerves, isn't it? So don't hesitate to contact me!


Over the years of working in real estate, I have created a unique network of professional contacts, which significantly expands the possibilities of my work and helps me to be the best in my field. Thanks to my network, I can quickly find the best properties on the market and provide information about them to my clients. My network of professional contacts includes real estate agents, appraisers, lawyers, and other real estate professionals with extensive experience in the market.

Trust as a principle

I work only with proven developers, objectively showing all the pros and cons, potential and prospects of each project, voice payback, and profitability. I don't work on questionable projects and always put the interests of my clients first.

On the same page

We are on the same page! Like you, I am a real estate buyer and investor myself. That is why I am completely immersed in the market, understand it from the inside and have personal experience that allows me to fully experience all the processes related to this area.

Assistance in the preparation of documents

As an experienced real estate agent, I know what documents need to be prepared for the successful purchase or sale of real estate. I am ready to help you in collecting all the necessary papers and guarantee their timely readiness. You can be sure that all documents will be executed following the requirements and the transaction will be carried out without problems.