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Batumi: Digital Nomad visa

Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa Batumi: Digital Nomad visa



Why you should buy an apartment right now

The Batumi real estate market has become a real international arena. If in 2015 foreign investors accounted for only 14% of all transactions, by 2018 their share had grown to 36%. This fact has a huge advantage: international demand gives real estate high liquidity, stimulates the development of the region and brings profit to apartment owners. However, there are some risks: the sector is heavily dependent on tourism. Currently, apartment prices are at the level of 2019, and economic growth has already begun.
Below are some recent data:
  • Tourism recovery: in the first quarter of 2022, the number of foreign visitors in the Adjara region, where Batumi is located, exceeded the results of 2019 by 51%. In June, Batumi Airport will receive more than 300 international flights from more than 20 airlines from 12 countries. New direct flights from Latvia, Jordan and Uzbekistan were launched.

  • Investment growth: in the first quarter, foreign investors invested four times (!!!) more funds in the Georgian economy than in the previous year. The main investors are Spain, Great Britain and Türkiye. Key sectors attracting large investments include energy, finance and real estate.

  • Positive forecasts: The World Bank estimates that the Georgian economy will grow by 5.5% in 2022 and 2023, and this trend will continue in 2024. This is achieved despite the economic shock caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Finished property

A property that will take your breath away with its beauty and sophistication is "Gumbati in Kheivani". Back in 2016, the construction of this magnificent complex began, and already in 2020 it was ready for operation. The Georgian developer company Gumbati Group, which is a member of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) and has been successfully operating on the market since 1998, is responsible for the project.
Each property is offered in a rough finish to give the buyer the opportunity to express their creative personality. You can do the repair yourself or completely entrust it to the Gumbati Group team. They have their own design bureau and an experienced construction team that will gladly make your dreams come true. Usually, Georgian developers provide installments for the construction period, but in the case of Gumbati in Kheivani, all payments must be made immediately. However, if you require financial support, foreign buyers can apply for a mortgage loan. Gumbati Group promises to assist in negotiations with banks, as they have established partnerships relationships with financial institutions.


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